Poetry Prints

Select poems are available to purchase as single-sheet prints! I do all the typing myself on this nifty, old-timey 1945 typewriter. Each print is initialed in the bottom right corner, and signed on the back. Personalized messages for your Aunt Lucy available at no extra charge. You can feel good about directly supporting an independent artist!


The 4" x 5" prints I imagine for tacking on a bulletin board, sticking in the corner of your mirror, or in the pages of your favorite book.


The 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" prints are suitable for framing. I don't, however, offer framing, as you can pick up a frame at a thrift store near you for less than the increased cost of shipping a frame to you.


Shipping is always free within the United States, since I only sell things that are flat and easy to mail. Shipping outside the U.S. determined on a case by case basis.


Don't see your favorite poem listed as a print? It might be too long to fit on a single page, or I may not have gotten around to creating a print of it yet. You can send me a message to inquire about a custom order.