Do you remember when we could fly?


There was once a time when we and the winds were one

as easy as  breezing, breathing, believing

just opening to the current's flow

and letting go.


Do you remember when we became dust?

When we drifted from the sky,

with no fear,

with perfect trust,

and settled into our new place as the crust

of a planet emerging through the surging of seas,

preparing a place for the flowers, for the trees,

and for the birds, who remembered,

We were meant to fly.

When our heart is fully open

we span Earth and sky.


Can you remember?


For man now finds himself

a little lower than the angels,

but fathoms lower than the birds.


For it is not our lack of wings 

that chains us to an iron core.

Rather, it is the weight of our denial

of our part in the totality,

our zealous clinging 

to a corrupted mentality,

in open rebellion

against reality.


How can a dollar make sense

as a means of exchange?

As though the blood that flows in our veins

did not first flow in rivers.

As though our flesh was not first

the clay beneath our feet.

As though the breath in our lungs 

was not first breathed by trees.

As though the songs in our mouths

were not first sung by birds,

during that time before words


Can you remember?


Before we split the world

with our forked tongues?

Before we relegated legions

to the lowest of rungs?

Before we worshiped the gods

of a religion of greed,

who justify leaving legions

in need,

by preaching a lie:


That you gotta keep score.

And they preach another lie:


That you gotta have more.

And another lie:


That a man's worth is what he owns.

Now envy and fear eat the marrow

in our bones.

We guard piles of money

with bullets and drones,

crushing lives and homes,

ignoring cries and moans,

blood sacrificed to a god

named Dow Jones.


Can you remember:


There was once a time

when we knew where we belonged

when we sang each other's songs,

before only fractions were reserved for 

the working majority,

too desperate and downtrodden to question authority.

Can you remember?


There was once a time

back before ideas of right doing or wrong doing

there were only fields of gold

of the kind no standard can measure

only pure pleasure and being alive

with breath to jive

along with the hive

of humanity

before the insanity

of consumption and vanity.


Can you remember!


There was once a time

back before we so willingly sold and bought

without thought

this illusion of want

of a scarcity so palpably

built upon lies.

Just open your eyes!


the abundance


the rebirth of the brightest stars.

Remember the womb of our mother,

the sea,

before WE became me and me and me and





Now I don't know how this ends.

We'll have to wait and see.

But if we're to have any hope at all,

we must drop the weight

of ME.