Resist the urge the analyze.

It does no good.

Instead, try opening.

Try surrendering,

although the very nature of


inevitably impedes surrender.


Try asking.


Love of all that is, seen and unseen:

Teach me to be a willing recipient

of bounty and beauty.

Let generosity condense around

my heart

like dew in the dark night.

Let it drip and cleanse

and heal and nourish.


Let grace be as my day,

a warm radiance ripe

for the basking


and undeserved as the sun

and just as freely offered.


Bellow forth blossoms among

the fecund fumes rising from

scorched earth

till sweet smells alchemize

the breath in my throat

from its gripping sadness

into flowering song.


All is well. All is well.


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