Copywriting and Editing


Why you should hire me:

You have a message. You want to tell it with language that is not merely utilitarian, but also beautiful. You want to reach people who are tired of the frenetic, fast-food, click-bait pace of information. 

I craft language that reaches people on a soul level and inspires action.


I can help you write or edit:

  • a bio for your website or other profile
  • business cards and brochures
  • newsletters and blog posts
  • fundraising letters
  • cover letters and resumes
  • apt and appealing descriptions of your product or service

My services are right for you if:

  • Your product, service, or organization is based in authenticity and goodwill.
  • You aim to relate to people as human beings rather than consumers.
  • You are endeavoring to offer something our world genuinely needs.
  • Your vision of success puts people and the planet before profits.

Words matter, and the right words can spell the difference between forgettable and extraordinary. Allow me to weave some word magic for you with polished prose that commands attention!


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