Leah Elliott Hamilton is an embodied speck of the Tao, a writer, editor, poet, and teacher. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, children, stepchildren, dogs, and chickens. She is an educator with experience in university, community college, and public school settings; the author of the poetry volume As If by Magic; the founder of Raw Organic Poetry, and an editorial team member at the Consilience Project. 

As If by Magic: Poems 2015-2019

My debut volume: Eighty-two pages, thirty-five poems (including seventeen magnet poems), twelve black and white photos, all intended to usher in new light for our world. Pay what you want. The minimum price of $15 covers my own costs of production and shipping, plus a few bucks. All copies signed. 


The book is also available through Bookshop.org and, by request, at your local bookstore.

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